GLOBAL NETWORKS SOLUTIONS AFRICA PLC is the last subsidiary of the Spanish-Swiss GLOBAL NETWORKS SOLUTIONS Group, created in 2001; it has subsidiaries in Spain and Hungary.

It was born in Ethiopia as a result of an experience in this country for more than 20 years and particularly of the belief that this country offers:

  • a clear example of development and the firm wish that this development become sustainable
  • a 10% constant growing rate in last 5 years
  • investment opportunities and a favourable environment for them
  • guarantees for the foreign investor
  • a proximity to countries as Southern Sudan and Kenya<
  • a high great for this country to consolidate and grow as a meeting and political resolutions in the African continent

It represents a global betting on a country and a continent as well as a commitment for a sustainable development before those investors who want to be both actors and participants in such opportunities that are being offered.


  • ETHIOPIS FOREIGN COMMERCE PLC: An import-export and wholesale trading company located in Addis Ababa. Since these activities are reserved to domestic companies, it takes shape as an important ally when implementing business and/or investment projects.


  • A Spanish-Swiss Lawyers Office located in Madrid, specialized in international legal and tax advice, with a large experience in advising both companies and businessmen as regards worldwide business and investments.