a wide range of services

addressed to favour foreign

investments in Ethiopia

and Eastern Africa.


Such services may be divided into two types:

  • 1.- To actively promote businesses and investments by individualising opportunities, and structuring projects and particular proposals for investors or companies in the relevant sectors.


  • 2.- To give counsel and assistance to any investor and company interested in a particular business or investment..

In all cases, GNS AFRICA offers itself as a reliable reference and support point for any foreign company wishing to easily develop in a different environment through an organised interlocutor who is western-style oriented.

Main services offered are:

  • Business and investment identification
  • Advice for designing business and investment projects
  • Representation before any local authorities and procedures with administration for obtaining any required permits, licences, etc
  • Advice and assistance in preparing and submitting bids
  • Looking for local and international partners
  • Subcontracting local companies and/or professionals
  • Incorporation of companies, joint ventures, etc
  • Accounting and fulfilment of trade and tax duties
  • Local and international legal and tax counselling
  • Project management
  • Counselling and technical assistance
  • Counselling in project financing

GNS AFRICA offers, thanks to its collaboration with governmental bodies and local companies, to cover a Wide range of interest areas and opportunities for the foreign investments in this region.